What's Different About the Vox method? 

Vox transforms the competitive college application process from a time of potential negativity and stress into a calm, positive process of self-discovery—with no homework and no regrets. We're passionate about working with young people, and students can tell we respect them. We establish meaningful, authentic connections, providing motivation when others can’t. Time and again parents comment on Vox's ability to connect with their children, and to nurture personal growth and confidence. We're highly successful. Our students have had phenomenal success in gaining admission to their chosen schools. Not only that, most receive merit scholarships, and some are even awarded additional research grants. Should the dreaded wait list rear its head, we've been successful there too. We'll help your student get noticed and move to the top of the list.

Kathleen Moore founded Vox Cambridge after years as a lawyer and educator, and finds advising students to be the most meaningful and rewarding work of all. She is adept at putting students at ease, at helping each student express his or her authentic self, and at joyfully lighting her students' path to the ideal college fit. 



Our clients have found the perfect fit—and often hefty merit scholarships—at institutions ranging from Stanford and the Ivies to an abundance of highly-respected colleges nationwide. 

Vox Veritas was founded by Julie Kaewert, who developed the Vox Veritas Method of self-discovery and admissions prep as a labor of love, with insight from thirty years of alumni interviewing. Julie now works in association with Vox Cambridge.



Vox Cambridge is dedicated to and engaged with our community’s students. We work pro bono (at no cost) with selected Cambridge public high school students. 

Member, Independent Educational Consultants Association