Dear Students and Parents,

Vox Cambridge offers a highly personalized approach to the college process. Vox Cambridge works with high school students, and even younger students as early as 8th grade, to offer an integrated approach to the college process including high school course planning, college search, discovering a student's true voice, and helping students refine that true voice for the purpose of successful college essays. The Vox Method is a calm, gradual, no-homework process of self-discovery that actually relieves stress while achieving stellar results. Students and parents come through the Vox Cambridge process with renewed confidence, perspective, and inspiration. By application time students not only have their academics and achievements lined up for optimal success, they’re ready to tell their story in their own true voice.

I would be honored to help you succeed, and promise you the warmth, concern, and dedication I show my own family and friends. 

In support of your hopes and dreams,

Kathleen Moore